A short History

JoshWho Radio is a network for Internet Radio Stations and Podcasters to get more exposure. Check out our Internet Radio Directory filled with great entertainment and news from all over the world, currently over 51k Radio Stations and still growing.

Big tech killed most internet radio streams by blocking non SSL streams.
Here at JoshWho Radio we proxy your streams so older streams like Shoutcast will be playable again on all devices.

We welcome all online broadcasters to submit your station to be listed in our internet radio directory and will be on our mobile app to help get you more listeners to your radio station.

Internet Radio is the Future!

Let's help the future become better by giving the world more options. Almost the whole world now uses the internet and streaming technology is rising fast.

Be heard all around the world on All Cross Platforms and Devices.

Please submit your station to our Internet Radio Directory to expand your reach, and help get you more listeners.

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Start a Shoutcast Radio Station for 2022

Shoutcast is back better than ever now!

you can even monetize your radio stations

with real commercials and get paid.

If you feel like starting one I recommend FastCast4u 100%.

They are the cheapest and give you unlimited Auto DJ

Storage for your music and Station Jingle files.

You can even start with a free account, no credit card required.

The plans are very cheap. For example, the basic plan which gives you

unlimited listeners, bandwidth and storage space is just $15.00 a month.

Check them out here: FastCast4U


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